Case Study – Little Man Syrup


Little Man Syrup is a producer of all natural maple syrup. It’s really good stuff! They contacted us to help them increase their number of sales to end users. Most maple syrup producers export their syrup in bulk or sell it to bottling companies which greatly reduces their profit margin. Selling directly to consumers is beneficial, however, it proves challenging in the commodity market that is maple syrup.

What we faced

Website Issues

The main issue with the website was that It was difficult for customers to find the products. The home page was very busy and slightly confusing. The checkout process wasn’t impossible to complete, however, it took customer several steps to complete.  


Buying an item online is a process, and one of the subconscious requirements for the completion of that process is safety and security. If a potential customer doesn’t feel like you’re completely legit, the chances of them completing a purchase drop dramatically. The Little Man Syrup website had stock images on the home page which caused uncertainty for potential buyers. They also didn’t have an SSL Certificate (the little lock next to the browser) which could cause a lack of trust. Lastly the overall design of the website seemed amateurish and needed a redo.


Website Issues

The first thing we did was a complete redesign of the Little Man Syrup website. We made the website look more like a large retailer. We removed the clutter from the homepage and added products that were considered to be hot sellers. This helped reduce confusion and decreased the overall bounce rate. As soon as potential buyers hit the website they were already shopping! We also simplified the checkout process and added Amazon Pay which added a layer of security for the customers.


The website redesign went a long way towards making Little Man Syrup look more trustworthy. We added custom product images to the home page and set the website up with an SSL certificate. Adding Amazon pay also helped calm potential customers fears and gave them the push to complete their purchases. Lastly, we took the liberty of adding Little Man Syrup as a business on Google so they could make their physical presence known and start collecting 5-star reviews.


By making the Little Man Syrup website faster, more user-friendly, and more trustworthy we were able to help Little Man Syrup boost their sales by 300%, decrease their bounce rate by 28% and increased conversion percentage by 2.25%.


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