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Case Study - Little Man Syrup Little Man Syrup sees 300% increase in sales

Little man syrup contacted us to help them increase their online sales. We built them a new website and helped increase customer trust.

Better Website What did we do?

– Placed products on home page
– Simplified checkout process
– Decreased website load time

More Trustworthy How did we do it?

– Increased overall internet presence
– Added website security certificate
– Added amazon payments

Our Services We build websites and drive high-quality traffic to them

Our Services

Data Driven Website Design We don't just guess at what makes a good website. We do the extra work to make sure your new website is ready to convert!

Tested Designs

All of our designs are user tested. This means that within 5 seconds of a user landing on your website they will know who you are, what service you provide, and the value you bring.

Primed to Convert

Consumer research and current data dictates where we place each element of your website. This makes people browsing your site much more likely to turn into customers.

Detailed Analysis

High volume keywords, competetors strategies, and customer psychology are just three of the 50+ factors we analize and adjust to help you generate high quality leads and more revenue.

Maximize ROI

Sending customers to your website isn’t a success. Sending high-quality customers to your website for the lowest possible bid is what we consider a success.

Our Services

Paid Search Management (PPC) Businesses trust us to maximize their return on investment by creating and fine-tuning their paid search campaigns.

These businesses revenue millions of dollars per year and they all trust us to build their online reputation and bring them customers!

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Dustin Rustick Owner - Your personal account manager

Hello, I’m Dustin!

I founded Talents in 2014 and have enjoyed every second of the experience thus far. If you choose to trust Talents with your website design, online reputation management, or digital marketing you will work closely with me. To make sure my clients are always happy I make sure I’m involved with each and every one of them! To learn more about what we can offer, get advice on your current website (free of charge), or if you have any other questions feel free to reach out. I always look forward to talking about digital marketing with people, even if they don’t end up as clients.

Talk to you soon!

Dustin C Rustick
Owner – Talents Solutions
Top Rated Upwork Freelancer

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